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Pay packages and talent incentive plans

Provide no less than the industry's benefits, five insurance and one payment, paid annual leave is available, statutory rest days are not less than one day, a special incentive plan for outstanding talents.

Lots of learning opportunities

You can also listen to the monthly industry training organized for dealers. The colleagues sitting around you are all veterans who have cultivated in the industry for many years. If you have any questions, please ask them. We like the learning atmosphere.

Pleasant working environment

The intelligent exhibition hall with intelligent robots, voice interaction, and the latest sensing technology will also become a movie screening room for employees during leisure time. When you have no clue at work, come and sit down on a rattan chair on the open-air balcony, or go to a colleague next door and smoke a cigarette to sort out your thoughts.

Rich group building activities

Various birthday parties, film festivals, sports games, outdoor development are waiting for you.

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