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Model: Am6500 (0-36 months)
Product Characteristics

1. The folding volume is small, and the seat can be folded directly without disassembling. After folding, the car can be folded < br / > &Nbsp; can stand.
2. The seat can be reversed back and forth, and can be folded in both directions by one hand, using the simple < br / > &To avoid misoperation.
3. With adapter, the car safety seat can be placed.

Net weight: 6.3kgs
Gross weight: 7.3kgs
Development size: 866 * 548 * 1066mm
Fold size: 655 * 548 * 275mm
Carton size: 490 * 200 * 610mm
Front wheel: 5.5
Rear wheel: 6

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